No I Cannot

No I cannot talk..
Coz words don’t mean.
No will not walk..
Over the miles spread across.
No I cannot rot..
Coz the smell is hard to get over.
No will not drink..
As it is rough to be sober.
No I cannot judge..
The reflections blurred out.
Unable to breathe..
As affection carves out.
Will not cease..
To venture the unknown way..
As rules are broken halfway.
No I cannot close..
Though everything I chose..
Is byfar a fool’s disclose.
No will not hold..
As the grip sweats out getting slippery.
Death comes unpleasant..
A deserted sheath of misery.
No I cannot restrict hypocrisy..
Nor can dictate prophecy.
No will not let go..
But sooner will be the one let go.


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