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For A Girl Things Are Explained

For a girl to explain Things are twice as hard Things are not nicely arranged Things are explained again and again Things are plainly rejected Things are never a choice For a girl to refrain It's never an option There's a ton of objection There's always an unseen protocol There's a lot of assertion There's a no you can't say no notion For a girl to maintain There's a lot of work There's a lot of space to cover There is a pot of rice that is always over There is a clot of blood that doesn't mind spilling over There is a straight line There is a closed gate There is a train that cannot come early There is a pain that is never allowed to get ugly  For a girl is not dumb For a girl can succumb to alter the usual  For a girl knows everything But sometimes prefers not to say anything For a girl can explain things Better than anyone else For a girl can be in pain But still go on like nothing really For a girl can try and remove the stain Instead of blending

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