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Podcast Alert By JustUtter

"I tried to be closer... But that made me a stalker I chose to ignore. But that turned me into a stranger instead...." Cheers to all of you readers of Innocent Thoughts , Speechless Moon , JustUtter .   And this is were I finally introduce my newly born Podcast  "JustUtter", where I recently started to voice myself to get closer to my readers.  Here's a glimpse of the insides of all the episodes that I have recorded so far.. 1. Introducing  JustUtter @Spotify : JustUtter words, feelings, lovelife, heartbreaks, setbacks, while I share my collection of stories, poems, writing pieces, writing tips and all that you my listeners want to hear. 2. Time Travel Episode : Memories that never leave you alone. It's like you constantly have the power to travel through time and be in that same seat right next to someone who made you once believe in love. It's just like the standing in the same queue, where someone held your hands and pulled you over. It&

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