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Love Is Simple

Love is a warm soup In repeated loop A hot tea left for you at the table  When you are rushing Through the morning fable Love is when you are  So eager to meet That you don't mind Getting all wet in the rain Or a splash of mud That stays on your dress like an annoying stain Love is when even Though you cannot see You just can feel What's happening Love is a drop of sweat A lengthy duet A nice outfit that Was sewed to fit in  No matter the shape or size  Love is a song  That takes you back To where it all began Or where the massacre ended Love is a touch That says so much Love is a fetch That runs alongside Love is a nest Of nurture and share The constant urge for you to prepare Love is a silent long walk With your grandfather While he keeps doing things at a pace And somehow passes you their trace With his silent gaze  Love is a conversation With your father Who narrates you a story From their closet filled with memories Love is a kiss on your forehead While you sleep Love is t

About Innocent Thoughts & Me

     Innocent thoughts started in the year 2009. It's a collection of poems, stories, experiences,  and much more. Some pieces sound like being written by a little girl and yes they very much are, as back when I started to write these pieces in my journal I had just begun middle school.

      It all started when there was a writing event in the 5th grade and our class teacher late Miss Udita had given an exciting introduction. There were 2 portions of the event one was to write a poem starting with "I wish..." and the second was a story "It was a night filled with chilled darkness...". I bagged the third position for my story and got a round of appreciation for my poem as well. I kept writing after that as regular as possible while it made me grow fonder to the life I was living in and also a way to question my actions when I penned it down. It has helped me grow in phases and still aids me to give a soothing touch for my readers in the words where I express that we all are drifting in the same boat called life.

  In a phase of me when trying to forget a lot of people that left me with their sudden demise, this was a way where I could talk to them and tell them how much I missed them but knowing, that there is no way I could ever reach out to them again and have a conversation.

  In a phase of me when revisiting and discovering myself when I quit my job in Mumbai, I started to realize there are experiences which you cannot avoid. Friends holding your back, Family accepting you whenever possible, losses, happiness, betrayal and then one night I finally gave in to the thought of opening a blog filled with my writings as a portal of me conversing and giving my learned lessons to the world in the form of "Innocent Thoughts".

In a phase of me when I fell in love, dealing with heartbreak and connecting with the ones who are there around me for good. Experiencing lament, grief, nuance, repeating mistakes, undertaking a hollowness then filling it up all over again.

In a phase of me becoming a mother and sharing motherhood with all the new mothers around and redefining the meaning of love and the sensible feeling of responsibility when you are so new to all of it.

     Now I am enjoying being a mother of my 5-year-old and pretty much confided in a world of my own but sometimes I feel we all grow at our own separate pace with experiences refining the virtuous ladder as we move along. So until these experiences keep teaching me to be fair and square I would be writing my thoughts and looking out for similar thoughts from your end. Don't hesitate to reach out to me anytime with your suggestions.

     There are many other related works which you can check as Speechless Moon, Just Utter,.
As I said and will repeat feel free to reach out and connect with me at Pratiksha Misra.

"It takes great courage to say you can write, even more, to write exactly how you feel"



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