Into The Woods

Naked & Puffy ..
Wandering in the woods.
Stuffed with grass..
Troublesome and crude.
Knocked out by the breeze..
As The wind whistled and teased.
Slapped by the branches..
For my interlude.
Trapped in the ignorance of elude.
The night smoke slicing through my eyes..
As moon lighted up the skies.
A quaint wanderer invading peace..
Tracing footsteps of animals walking at ease.
A whimsical tune of darkness persists.
While I caught the whiff of wet earth..
Filling up an addiction unworthy to resist.
I ran to take a dive deeper in the brook..
Following the psychedelic crystal ripple.
Only to find what all I felt lied in a book..
And me very much inside ..
This box full of people.


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