Distant words..
An awkward whisper.
Twinkling dishes..
And a sneaky slipper.
The warmth of a mother..
Pain of a smother.
The wrath of a bother..
Hussle from a gather.
New born squirm..
Midnight glowworm.
Trapped in a kiss..
Last minute stitches.
The seamless moon..
With a hidden tune.
A lonely walk..
And troublesome talk.
An unknown sign..
A puzzled line.
Love spelled wrong..
The end stretched long.
Drops dry up..
Felt a knock at the door.
That could be you..
Don’t want to go if that’s not true.
With heavy knot..
Eyes start to give up.
But thoughts just stare..
Hard to fight flare.
As the dark sinks in.
Beneath the night..
The mind goes thin.
Darkness is mean..
While life turns unseen.


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