A smile..
A wink.
A touch..
A stink.
Trouble fumble..
Gibberish mumble.
A sudden ordeal..
An instant departure.
Hold getting cold..
Expressions sold.
Emotions foretold.
A sigh..
A cry.
A last resort..
A try.
Muffled unrest..
Searching for a nest.
Whispering pain..
Whimpering stain.
A heavy tone..
A loud groan.
Fitting in words..
Trickling down tears.
A fear..
A cheer.
A shoulder..
Right here.
A bow down..
As knelt.
A loss..
A score.
Desire to endure..
Temptations lure.
Hearts fallen apart..
Eyes still pure.
Little gestures..
That cure.


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