The lesser you speak..
The less you freak.
The calmer you get..
Easier to forget.
The clearer your cadence..
Effective it’s radiance.
The lesser you try..
The less you pry.
The tighter the grip..
The unavoidable the slip.
The whimsical thoughts..
The episodic plots.
The lesser the periodic clots..
The less the minds fought.
The lesser you cherish..
The sooner you vanish.
The lesser you scatter..
The less to flatter.
The lesser you keep..
The less you weep.
The lesser your need..
The less you greed.
The lesser you love..
The less is the pain.
The lesser you ponder..
The less you surrender.
Humble has it’s own courage..
Gratitude an instant message.
The lesser you hold..
The less you were told.
The lesser you absorb..
The less you are a part of the mob.
The lesser is broken..
The less goes unspoken.
Words get lesser..
Underneath the speech.
Breathing what you believe..
Is worth the Outreach.


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