Can I

Can I quit ..
Or Can I run.
Can I conflict..
Just for fun.
Done taking the short cuts..
Even long routes don’t bother.
It’s the crowd that smothers.
Don’t want to keep lying..
As truth is undesirable.
Don’t want to try..
Not anymore.
Let’s just make it worth the sigh some more.
For Fate is imaginary..
People are tertiary.
Thoughts make them scary..
What awaits you is death..
That’s the light on the other side of the tunnel.
What’s important is touch..
What needs to be read are the eyes.
Don’t trust words..
They are just fillers.
Making up for the emptiness..
Worse is the hands..
That hold to leave whenever.
Cause you are meant to realize..
This life is forever.


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