The Pictures That I Took

Looking at his shoes..
A kid waits.
Chasing ants on a bench.
Stars on his trench..
Lonely eyes at the gate..
Just before sun sets.
A girl rushes through heavy rain
With an umbrella..
As her toes splash water in the narrow lane..
checking her watch..
If she is late.
A whisper in her ear..
After which a smile appears.
Dense clouds..
Beneath the moonlight..
Crowded streets at night..
Two friends walk..
The same way they talk..
As kids in a relic plight.
Dogs chasing shadows..
Hunger peeping windows..
All covered during winter..
Sitting by the fire soaking warmth..
Bits of ashes swarming..
Drops of tears to stare right through
Train arrives with a glance of someone..
Insane eyes for a chance of no one..
Change in color..
While dawn meets morning dew..
Change is captured.
When gone sweeps startling new..
All the pictures that I took..
Can be never well described in a book..
You got to see what they make..
Out of life which just fails to shake..
When you seek to take a look.


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