Let Me

Let me alone suffer..
I know not why I tell you..
Let me don’t you utter..
The words I don’t know why I listen to.
Let me decide..
Where I want to reside.
Let me come home..
Just be quieter by my side.
Let me be trapped..
In what I believe.
Let me break out of it..
And cease to love.
Let me be born again.
And again.
While struggling to die like insane.
Let me figure..
All that’s disfigured around me.
Let me just let out..
Don’t call me back ..
I know it’s dark..
Don’t wait on me..
Make yourself a pie..
I am not hungry..
For the last time..
I promise..
As I won’t be back to soon..
So stop staring desperately at the moon.
If I would I will try..
But if I couldn’t..
Then for the next time..
At the least..
I won’t lie.


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