All alone in the dark..
While he waited for a spark.
Sweat drops felt itchy..
Scars that oozed blood went numb.
Words didn’t have the urge..
To come out and indulge.
Shout if he may..
That might just increase the delay.
His own touch seems warm..
When even the floor shoots for harm.
The walls remind where he was beaten up..
Standing tall when his guts were eaten up..
Thunder roars outside..
Louder the snores inside.
There is no sense of light whatsoever..
His fight is coming to an end against never.
Now he loves the dark..
While he ..
He knows the door won’t open..
And even if it does..
The world for him will be broken..
Scars on him will never heal..
What people think of him ..
They will never reveal.
Besides his survival instinct..
Is stronger than ever distinct..
When he will save to protect..
Innocence from it’s very own grave.


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