Feel The Rhythm

A songs comes and goes .
Feel the rhythm on your toes..
As an unknown cult taps into..
Do you know it ?
Not too sure..
When lyrics start humming through your nose..
Fingers trickle snapping back at you..
Avoiding the music..
Hide through the doors..
But still finds its way with back flip on the floor..
Swerving to one side..
Knocking down the waves…
Chasing by amaze..
Dancing into the haze..
The lighted corridors clapping for more..
Letting down your hair..
As your steps gracefully break the chair..
Slaying while you groove..
Acing your every single move..
Landing right back to the arms of a warm affair..
That which is a door knob to be fair.
You bow down finally to drive back..
Sizzling hot as sweat drips sliding on your glare..
A blurred reflection in the rareview..
Somehow a smile as you stare.


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