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Dogs greet, everytime, they meet, they meet, everytime, like the first time, pushing their, wet nose against you, to play, everytime an urge to, rush and stay.. while sleeping, when aproached, their tail, would still keep dancing, while digging their, sniffs onto their toys, they come to you, all jumpy and pouncing, with eyes seeking, approvals... They keep you protected, in a manner like, no one else, they check if you are okay, and follow you, to a cave or, a shabby mess.. They make requests, which even though, hit rejects, doesn't end up, reflecting stature, rubbing themselves, all over you, they sit alongside, as if they are, always ready for the ride, whenever... If it's late, They wait, If it's hate, They relate, If it's tears, They seek to distract.. Trust me, At some point they do, Have the power to read your mind.. They come to check, On you at night, They always acknowledge, That you are right, Your daughter just adores it's presence, Even though more ofte


Reflections of pictures..
Reflections of figures sitting closer..
Reflections of scriptures written bolder..
Reflections of toys…
That broke after the summer holidays.
Reflections of clothes..
That flew in the stormy rain.
Reflections of shoes..
That stood beside.
Reflections of holes..
That brood inside.
Reflections of stories..
Reflections of faces emerging unfinished.
Reflections of traces urging repeatedly.
Reflections of hands..
That left their mark..
Reflections of lands..
That can be ventured even in dark.
Reflections of songs..
That were sung in glorious fury.
Reflections of wrongs..
That were misguided by envious jury.
Reflections of seizure..
Reflections of teaser..
Reflections long gone…
But still visible refusing to be blurry.
Reflections of drops which were unseen.
Reflections that stops despite being keen.
Reflections of lies..
Reflections of denies..
Reflections that felt so real..
Overpowered by surreal.
Those that stay..
Are rare..
Deeper by the day..
As much from the stare.
Where reflections of incisions..
That got wounded in a stealthy affair.


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