There Is

A simple way..
Hiding behind..
The woods if you dare.
A false ripple..
Occurring inside..
Every eye that you stare.
A story..
To reveal..
Just ears listening..
As they heal.
A glory..
To steal..
By years of chosen.
Not to go after a broken wheel.
A romance…
At a single glance..
Where they danced..
All night long.
Even without a song.
A pattern..
Of being disheartened.
By the one who meant..
The world.
That always stands out..
When you run after.
Your little trout.
A simplistic.
Yet realistic.
Faces that fade..
Behind a grim shade.
A night..
Without a fight.
Giving out an amazing sight..
Of stars staring back at you..
And words that bred right.


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