Did bloom.
Right outside the window.
Of a room.
That was hidden...
Left empty and gloom.
Yellowish floral.
Like shiny coral.
Tricky when they danced.
Leaving behind a shadow...
Reflecting in the room.
That somehow.
Looked lost in some heirloom.
Childish flatter.
Collided flutter.
Seldom did utter.
Yet standing polite.
When darkness did follow.
Cautiously inside this room.
That knocked sanctity to its doom.
Right in front were those eyes.
That was caught up with too soon.
Unusually bright were the flowers that noon.
Only to be blamed later on.
For someone gone.
As steps were heard.
Retreating from the room.
That today stands empty and gloom..
And for the very reason refuses to bloom.


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