Hold my hands.
Pull me over to you
Twirl me around.
With a breathtaking surround sound
Make those eyes.
That never tries.
Kiss me if you want..
As stay with me goes the chant.
Neatly whispering in..
My goosebumps run paper thin.
Wear your smile.
The ones that save quarantine from a mile.
Look into my eyes for a while.
Until I close and wish.
That every time when they open wide.
They take me into a sprawling ride.
Grab my waist and cuddle up in haste.
As a drop of dew enticing buttercups tastes.
Knowing the time is up.
Rush to the steps to draw a mark.
Of our spectacular embark.
And before your hands start loosing out the touch of my fingers.
My last tip clips to the very edge….
Tossing me into a cage.
A round of applause.
As I sit there wrapped up with curtains drawn to a stage.
The show is over…
Enact ceases backstage.


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