Love Isn't Enough

I can love you.
Or I can cry.
I can mimic you.
Or I can lie.
I can trick you.
Or I can fly.
I can love you.
Or will never even give it a try.
But what is love though.
Can you explain it slow.?
A deep wounded vow.
Or a pressing urge to know.
What’s behind the curtain.
What’s beneath a gullible act of the show.
If that’s it ..
Then I would prefer to keep it low.
But if there’s more..
Don’t make me snore.
I can see you..
Or I cannot.
I can free you..
Or I definitely can.
Cause it’s hard to keep..
Don’t want you to weep.
And hurt you deeply.
So I will not say I love you..
But even won’t say that I had to try.
Cause that’s not how it works.
As words are never enough.
It doesn’t have to be rough.
A look that took you away.
I am afraid is not bound to stay.
The eyes that caught you alive.
I am afraid can give in after a dive.
It’s a nuance.
Someone’s penance.
Redundant charm.
Filling a gap.
But the ones who left you sulking.
Perhaps unknowingly tilted you to adapt.
And no.
I won’t love you..
So don’t keep asking me why.


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