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Are you okay? Yes I am.. But I wasn't , As I responded to that, Because what else to say, When you aren't, Are you feeling good? Yes I am.. When I wasn't, But how will it help, If I responded for real, Do you need water? Yes I want.. But just shut down, The surrounding chatter, With infinite laughter, I couldn't bear, The noise, Inside me growing larger, Than my voice that was, Shaking my exterior poise, My daughter, Came closer.. As she held my, trembling hand, As she whispered, Mom, it will get better.. My partner, Looked at me, And wanted me to know.. It's okay, Not to be okay, Getting drunk, And throwing up.. Is all part of growing up, Till the part, Where you start loving, Just water again.. My mom and dad, Comforted me,  That although sad as it looks, Things aren't that bad.. As explained by the books, Relationships and people, Are the ones that make you stable, While everything else, Can topple,   Well, there will be loads of trouble, But more than that t

Love Isn't Enough

I can love you.
Or I can cry.
I can mimic you.
Or I can lie.
I can trick you.
Or I can fly.
I can love you.
Or will never even give it a try.
But what is love though.
Can you explain it slow.?
A deep wounded vow.
Or a pressing urge to know.
What’s behind the curtain.
What’s beneath a gullible act of the show.
If that’s it ..
Then I would prefer to keep it low.
But if there’s more..
Don’t make me snore.
I can see you..
Or I cannot.
I can free you..
Or I definitely can.
Cause it’s hard to keep..
Don’t want you to weep.
And hurt you deeply.
So I will not say I love you..
But even won’t say that I had to try.
Cause that’s not how it works.
As words are never enough.
It doesn’t have to be rough.
A look that took you away.
I am afraid is not bound to stay.
The eyes that caught you alive.
I am afraid can give in after a dive.
It’s a nuance.
Someone’s penance.
Redundant charm.
Filling a gap.
But the ones who left you sulking.
Perhaps unknowingly tilted you to adapt.
And no.
I won’t love you..
So don’t keep asking me why.


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