That’s how tall..
Is the wall.
Between you and me.
Speaking friendly..
Tweaking repeatedly..
Hypothetical analogy..
Hiding behind..
Akwardly opening a single blind.
That’s why..
You ask.
What is with the wall?
To which I retreat..
Suitably as I greet..
Promising a reply..
Until the next fall.
Glad there’s the wall..
To handle the apphall..
A stranger’s call..
Is nowhere to be considered..
Maybe peep through the keyhole..
To avoid any immediate stall.
Looking through the wall..
A whole world that was found across..
Wasn’t struck small..
Kids playing..
Kites flew through the sidewalk..
Cloud soaring..
Cheerful crowd uproaring..
And that’s not all..
If only I could get to the other side of the wall..
Where stories..
Walk past the river..
Listening to which..
I can only stand out in cold and shiver


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