Don't Wait

Don’t wait on me..
I might be the one you.
Will never see.
Don’t wait on me..
There’s probably more..
You want to hear..
Besides gluing yourself to a no ear.
Don’t wait on me..
With all the fear inside..
It’s never worth the ride..
Make your life spread over wide.
Don’t wait on me..
As truth is that..
I never left your side..
Still sitting looking at you…
When I watch the high tide..
While waves touch my feet…
Melting down the sand’s fleet..
A want to cease the water as they meet..
For a few seconds dirty but..
Drenching them neat.
Those seconds of liberty..
Pops a smile like the painted street…
Where you never end up to sleep.
But draw a picture closer to keep..
Don’t count on me..
I was never that deep.


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