I keep wondering if you were real,
Or you were just being nice to me..
I keep wondering if trust is two way,
Or it isn’t an age old advice to me..
I keep wondering if love ever happened,
Or perhaps a rolling dice for me..
I keep wondering if failure is harder,
Or success lies to me..
I keep wondering if chastity is freedom,
Or honesty cries all over me..
I keep wondering if it’s going to get better,
Or the stage has portrayed a psychic actor..
A pleading wish while fingers crossed,
Wept over the edge as coins got tossed..
A choice was inflicted,
As the results got me tricked..
Nobody shall realize except me,
And it is me who can flee..
Nevertheless if it’s meant to be,
It’s going to happen within a walking spree..
Cause I can’t be forever true,
Without him not having the slightest clue.
Or among the very few,
Just keep wondering if only he knew..


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