The Broken Shadow

Darker as it can get..

The lonelier it felt.
Deeper as it can penetrate..
Painful was this to reiterate.
Scary are the pathways.. 
Never ending the castaway.
Emerging triumphant..
Despite loosing the quotient. 
Try is the solace..
When love makes the embrace.
Impersonating solitude..
And a dying attitude. 
A voice underneath the screech..
Leaving unkind words as a figure of speech.
What’s visible is unadvisable.. 
But it’s reasons are amicable.
Resistance is power..
Being delinquent is sustainable.
Coward is the mind by design..
Overcoming every passion to resign.
Poignant seems wisdom..
Elegant still freedom.
The pursuit of desire..
Burning souls spit fire.
Smoke furious flaring out as they bow..
While sitting there calmly is the broken shadow.


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