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6 Questions & One Answer with 40-year-old Indian Woman Author of Innocent Thoughts: Her Latest Book Series

A candid interview of my JustUtter's recently released  book series "Innocent Thoughts"  to let readers know more about, not only why you should read the book on a daily basis, but also how you should make a commitment to your inner self to empower it in the longer run by giving time to nurture to these innocent thoughts. Available In India!! 1. What is "Innocent Thoughts" about ? Innocent Thoughts, book series is about those emotions that are troubling one self, those emotions that cannot be shared with anyone and everyone, those emotions that question you, the essence of life and our purpose in it. Life, Love, Loss, Travel, Fate, Childhood, Mornings, Innocence, Heartbreak, Friendship, and You, Yourself are part of these thoughts, so you should learn to empower them from within. 2. Why do you think people will read it? I feel people will read it, not just for a day, they will read it every time they feel lonely, rejected, unsuccessful, or in love, o

The Bus

The bus arrived and she wasn't there..
No one to leap towards me at my very sight
No one who at every moment holds me tight
No one who can constantly talk about their day
No one who pats my head and says I love your hair
No one who smiles like they care
And for that I run everyday to get my fair share
As soon there will be a day..
That will have no bus to stare..
Just endless layer of mixed emotions..
Right then The bus arrived and her smile.. appeared through open doors..
Jumped out at me to catch her..
Started talking as I thought ohh boy
How will one not miss these days once they are over..
Like my mom does..
And soon I will.


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