Please leave
But I want to sit
Please go away
But I am not here to quit
There is no fleet of aura
There is no defeat for cure
I am not sick nor impure
You are still on your feet
And that's neat
Believe me let me stay
Don't worry
I will leave instead
So not today
While yesterday
Has sunk
Today is what I have got
To give for you to forget
Let me meet and greet
Beside you in the same seat
Tomorrow this might melt
And smell of a failed retreat
You are here while I am not
You sound spear
While I lay unclear
You are strong
And I am fear
So don't come near
I can't beg another tear
As dried up when they get
They refuse to regret
Tomorrow is when 
They promised to be better
Even if it won't matter to you
I will be a new you
So I will come and plea to sit
While you would 
Be all earth shatter
Like me chasing all things scattered


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