Snap your fingers..
Clear out your singers..
Get rid of word jitters.
Use expressions..
Create a phenomenal bit..
Play the symphony treat.
Move your feet..
Stare up to stars in a fleet.
Light up your face..
Cease your chase..
Move around the maze..
Humming to distant voices..
Tapping towards the haze.
Dress happy and neat.
Then play your beat.
Hold hands..
If pushed back..
Change your track.
Grab on to your seat..
Kiss the face..
Of the one you meet..
Now that moon’s discreet..
Give out a strange bleat.
Muse the night..
Let darkness pour..
Underneath a rainy downpour.
Don’t let intense eyes go out of sight.
Brighter the key notes..
Silently it floats..
Inside the you..
Building up a new.
Echoing freedom..
Embracing what you have become.
Jumping on the brighter side of the queue.
Is the playlist you never knew..
Existed until now.


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