Empty Corridors

Footsteps getting louder…
Screeching on wet floors..
While I run…
To hide ….
Giggle echoed..
As I barge into..
The empty corridors.
They come after you…
And will not go home without you…
Without telling what happened..
Without yelling abusive apprehensions.
Giving away their absolute intentions…
As they seldom walk stepping onto your toes..
Laughing as you gather around those empty corridors..
Elevator opens…
Sipping bitter coffee ..
Being yelled at in the parking lot..
Gobbled up the snort.
As bitter it can get…
And yet..
Standing alone …
Eyes trying to blend into the empty corridors.
A smile…
A grin..
Taking back their faces..
That did just reach my chin.
While choices run thin..
I grab a corner …
Showing my honor towards empathy forsaken.
Eyes looking away…
Trouble heading my way..
Strange as it gets bleak.
As I start stumbling over those empty corridors.
A picture..
Of varied stature..
That isn’t going to break..
Stares at me wide awake…
The friends that chased me…
Standing beside me..
While I giggle again..
Calling my name ..
A distant voice getting louder ..
Rooted into these empty corridors.
Are the reflections that never pretends..
Or gets older.


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