To My Daughter

When I see you..
I see me.
When I see you smile ..
Finding me from a mile..
When I see you grin..
Well that’s my chin.
When I see you climb..
Shall I give her a nudge ?
When I see you hide..
Shall I stay confide?
If it makes her feel good..
As she runs into me getting glued.
When I see you slide..
How enjoyable was that ride..
An unending glide.
Keeping an eye on her..
While she keeps splashing like the tide.
When I see you mad..
How happy as she still hasn’t figured sad?
When I see you try..
Shall I let her cry?
Or Shall I wiper her tears..
And fill her why.
When I see you unfair..
Should I strike her dare ?
But all I do is stare at those pair..
As she discovers the art of clever.
When I see you grow..
I couldn’t help but not think…
How do I get to know..
All this and more..
To give you the glimpse..
Of what’s in store.


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