You can very well..
Be a queen.
But try following the unseen.
You can very well..
Dance in sync..
But try reverting steps while you think.
You can very well..
Conquer it all.
But still a pile of questions stand tall.
You can very well..
Force happiness.
But try finding the fearless.
You can very well..
Promise freedom..
But try changing what they have become.
Don’t you mock yourself..
Behind the walking shelf.
Bring down the guards..
Throw the pointing darts.
And close out the thoughts..
That refuse depart.
You can very well..
Make them stand for you.
But the difference is when they sing
For you with all their heart.
Become their word to win their start..
Become their chord to ink their art..
Become their bird that flew higher …
Become their eyes that never got drier..
A heart wrenching cheer..
A commemorating prayer..
Embrace as it becomes..
The Future.


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