Close your eyes..
Rest your head..
As you find a shoulder of a friend.
Sit back..
Track the sun..
While it sets..
As by your side..
Sipping coffee is a friend.
Laugh louder..
Voice getting bolder.
Echoing amidst the crowd..
Peeps a friend.
Cry childishly..
Turning nose red.
Rolling over the grass bed.
While lying still next to you is a friend.
Thinking of them..
Ballistic overwhelm.
As dreamt of flame..
That fire in you is a friend.
Hiding behind days..
Where once upon a time was a friend.
Nothing can be it..
Replacing a heart beat..
Waiting all night on the street.
Sitting in a room filled with heat.
Changing to be upbeat..
Tears of joyous fleet..
Just to see you is a friend.


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