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Love Is Simple

Love is a warm soup In repeated loop A hot tea left for you at the table  When you are rushing Through the morning fable Love is when you are  So eager to meet That you don't mind Getting all wet in the rain Or a splash of mud That stays on your dress like an annoying stain Love is when even Though you cannot see You just can feel What's happening Love is a drop of sweat A lengthy duet A nice outfit that Was sewed to fit in  No matter the shape or size  Love is a song  That takes you back To where it all began Or where the massacre ended Love is a touch That says so much Love is a fetch That runs alongside Love is a nest Of nurture and share The constant urge for you to prepare Love is a silent long walk With your grandfather While he keeps doing things at a pace And somehow passes you their trace With his silent gaze  Love is a conversation With your father Who narrates you a story From their closet filled with memories Love is a kiss on your forehead While you sleep Love is t


Are you okay?
Yes I am..
But I wasn't ,
As I responded to that,
Because what else to say,
When you aren't,
Are you feeling good?
Yes I am..
When I wasn't,
But how will it help,
If I responded for real,
Do you need water?
Yes I want..
But just shut down,
The surrounding chatter,
With infinite laughter,
I couldn't bear,
The noise,
Inside me growing larger,
Than my voice that was,
Shaking my exterior poise,
My daughter,
Came closer..
As she held my,
trembling hand,
As she whispered,
Mom, it will get better..
My partner,
Looked at me,
And wanted me to know..
It's okay,
Not to be okay,
Getting drunk,
And throwing up..
Is all part of growing up,
Till the part,
Where you start loving,
Just water again..
My mom and dad,
Comforted me, 
That although sad as it looks,
Things aren't that bad..
As explained by the books,
Relationships and people,
Are the ones that make you stable,
While everything else,
Can topple,  
Well, there will be loads of trouble,
But more than that the faces..
That can't bear the sight , as you fumble,
While they will not let you stumble,
You can can carry on the indefinite grumble,
I took a deep breath,
And felt a touch,
Works isn't life and death..
It's just a bridge,
That's built as such,
To take you from one,
Destination to another,
So even if it ends halfway..
Without giving much of a direction,
Or Outreach,
Try to take some rest,
Before going any further..
Because the destination you seek,
Needs a closer peak,
Or it's time to switch to another...
*Dedicated to all the one's, who got impacted by recent layoffs. Don't loose hope !
* pic courtesy : pinterest artist Anne Watkins


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