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Love Is Simple

Love is a warm soup In repeated loop A hot tea left for you at the table  When you are rushing Through the morning fable Love is when you are  So eager to meet That you don't mind Getting all wet in the rain Or a splash of mud That stays on your dress like an annoying stain Love is when even Though you cannot see You just can feel What's happening Love is a drop of sweat A lengthy duet A nice outfit that Was sewed to fit in  No matter the shape or size  Love is a song  That takes you back To where it all began Or where the massacre ended Love is a touch That says so much Love is a fetch That runs alongside Love is a nest Of nurture and share The constant urge for you to prepare Love is a silent long walk With your grandfather While he keeps doing things at a pace And somehow passes you their trace With his silent gaze  Love is a conversation With your father Who narrates you a story From their closet filled with memories Love is a kiss on your forehead While you sleep Love is t

2 AM Morning : Haunted Thoughts

I hear a howl
Look out the window
Find a shadow that calls
Close my eyes shut
Stay steady
Breathing heavy..

Trying to flee while the howling haunts
Gathered courage
Starting to walk into the dark
Where all things except you talk
It's like the trees are staring down
And the roads push you backwards
So no matter how much forward you go
You find yourself back at the same place
Am I even walking right ?

Your heart beats louder than the noiseless night
Some car screeches at the background
Echoing through the vacuum
Is someone hurt ?
There are looks in the dark
That only books have spoken about
There are looks behind you
That only sniffing can rat you out

The thought of being followed
The thought of seeing the shadow of someone
you don't want to..
Keep looking
Don't be afraid
Says the mind
While your heart keeps saying
Go home, and stay blind throughout the rest of tonight..
Speak to no one until asked
Coz weak is never alone to be tasked

The door closes on you
Wondering why it chose to do so
The logic is off
As a black creature whiffs off
Right next to you
Perhaps I am getting tired
Well that's a lie
Although it sounds comforting

Wind whispers
There's nothing you can do
What happens in the dark
Isn't for humans to embark
The evil spirit has risen
While houses are locked
Haunting the woods
They scatter their wicked locks
So even if they knock
Don't you open..
Or you will gawk at them
While they mock

Blood thirst 
Is the curse they take with them
While drinking blood
Isn't the thinking kind
We all do it
But never say
Only to blame the monsters
To be insane

Each one of us
Sleep in pain
Falling apart in dreams
To get up for the day
That seems like
Somethings did go away at night
To be hidden between
The worlds 
Where we all believe to
Belong to a different dimension 


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