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Learning To Live Beyond Just A Day

From not being heard to be heard, From not being read to be literary maestros, From not being paid to be paid equally, From not being raised to be raised with honor, From not being spoken to be asked for opinions, From being killed to be living with valor, From being weak to be fighting against the strong, From not being picked to be the one paving the path for others through thick and thins, From being buried to being rebelliously dodging death since their birth, From being burned to ashes to being able to sustain the blazing cult, From being the unknown dashes to fill enough to shut the backlashes, And while the yesteryear woman stand proudly to see today's woman realizing... "We Indeed Have Come A Long Way" A new born girl, stares at her mother's eyes, While she grasps her in her arms and whispers in her ears... "May you get to skip all the unwanted days,  and live in a world where gender isn't a misnomer to your slightest dismay"... "Rule the Wo

Love Is When

Love is when
you sit
right beside
and not a word

Love is when
you walk 
and hands touch

Love is when 
you see a smile
and you feel
you can keep looking
at it for a while

Love is when
no one knows
but you still do something
for someone to know

Love is when 
you think
but one is forced
not to do so

Love is when
they come closer
and you wipe your face
to kiss them safe

Love is when
you die
as they cry
on your lap

Love is when
you fight with nights
to get a sight
of the moon

Love is when 
you try to blend 
but it's too obvious
to undo pretend

Love is when 
you are trapped
but yet
you feel free
to live for someone
that's not you


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