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Buttons & Thread

It's a world of pants and shirts It's a world where whatever you say doesn't matter.. It's a world where you can try to change but why do so? It's a world where whatever you say gets interrupted by no you can't do... It's a world where you can choose not to say but people will say you practice voodoo.. It's a world of skirts and dresses It's a world where you go around in circles and might as well fall.. It's a world where your scars can be seen but no one asks how have you been.. It's a world where a piece of fabric is torn, as someone unintentionally ripped you open.. It's a world where you can choose to live alone but people will say you are broken.. It's a world of buttons and thread after all What you want isn't what you found wide spread .. When you want to leave, nobody wants you to.. But when you don't, people just skin you thin.. Like the pin that pierces the button.. While the button gets strapped even though it'

Love Is When

Love is when
you sit
right beside
and not a word

Love is when
you walk 
and hands touch

Love is when 
you see a smile
and you feel
you can keep looking
at it for a while

Love is when
no one knows
but you still do something
for someone to know

Love is when 
you think
but one is forced
not to do so

Love is when
they come closer
and you wipe your face
to kiss them safe

Love is when
you die
as they cry
on your lap

Love is when
you fight with nights
to get a sight
of the moon

Love is when 
you try to blend 
but it's too obvious
to undo pretend

Love is when 
you are trapped
but yet
you feel free
to live for someone
that's not you


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