A Brave Story Of An Ant

I am dead and cold, 
I was never told
How it feels 
Like I feel now
It's a lot still
Than just a minute before
I have been obsequious
Than usual
Yes, I am not just an ant
When infant
I was taught
To work every instant
Feeding on leftovers
Ripping apart carcasses
I refused to become
A part of this massacre
One day helped
A wounded bird
That was already
One third
I started sewing them back
Healing one from the dead
With a needle and a thread
They gave me fruits to eat
And flew me through 
The mighty sky
I never knew that I would be able to fly
The fellow ants hated me
But saving lives was the fate I chose
Over most of them close
But unfortunately that came to an end
As a fierce mother
Did poke to choke my emulsified pretence
My absence wasn't felt
But a lot of them wept
As I slept going farther
The ant that saved birds
They flew in herds
As unheard I was
Looked through the icy box
My father felt proud at last
I wasn't an ant that 
Got lost in the crowd
But I made him proud
While gliding beyond the cloud


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