You Tell Me

You tell me
Not to come
And I will go away...
You tell me
Not to seek anymore
And I will know my way...
You tell me
It won't break my heart
You tell me
Even when we are apart
You tell me 
And I will know
You tell me
Life is silly
And I will throw it all away
Cause if you don't tell me
I will just keep thinking
Without you it's like deeply sinking
If you tell me
That means you are still listening
As I am talking
And you are walking right beside
Holding my hands 
Swaying your hair
But to be fair
It's not that you don't care
So you tell me
As noone else should dare
You tell me
To stop this
And I will know whatever I will miss
You tell me
And I won't hide
You tell me
I will face it
In what shape or form will trace it
You tell me
But don't yell
I know your anger makes you swell
You tell me
Or you want me to persuade more
It's like I am just saying
But you couldn't just tell me
That you weren't staying
With me anymore
Because talking to the walls
Makes me uneasy
And hearing myself talk
Makes me dizzy
So you tell me 
I need to sleep
That I will promise to keep 
As I lost you
While I slept a little too much ..


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