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A Boy Who Touched The Sky

sand and mud splattered on his dud he watches his shoes sinking deeper in pool a stone  at sight he doesn't want  to fight but that seems the only way to keep him cool he thrashes and there goes the stool flying through the sky a story to boast about as birds don't lie the crying soul went dashing  through the door calling foul roaring back  comes a clutter for a boy  the success matters so he gathers his wet shoes and tries to adjust the  stance forgetting the simple fact of he didn't  stand a chance and with a dance or two he runs like a fool towards the old school  with the thought  of ghosts playing dust off while his feet had started to give up rolling  over the grass bed his breath wide spread  a dragon cloud soaring high flew right amidst the floating sky the bird waved him slight  flying to go out of sight he had lost and found his try  beyond the mighty sky while fresh droplets  felt on his face  ended up the chase  rain had  made the dragon cloud to surrender a dr

Cold Stories

It was getting cold
And there were stories
That were never told
The stories that gave goosebumps
The stories that uncovered near garbage dumps
I need to go..
Unless you want me not to
So tell me what you have to...
I have come this far..
Like a missing shooting star
But this time they won't let me hide
They will banish me before I subside
It's true I want you
But it's also true I want to live
Stories that make one sad
Stories that wake you mad
Stories that do not rhyme
Stories that do not resonate with crime
But they killed against their will
They ended chapters without sitting still
They found books to eat
They found looks that beat them to surrender
I need to know..
What you feel for me
It's not me who will decide
But only for once I know
What's in your mind
Or you ain't even blind
Or you have subdued to one kind
That doesn't spare open mind
Perhaps this once you don't leave me alone
Perhaps this once you write me a song 
And sing it in your actual tone
These stories aren't for real
People make it up to cover surreal
Because in stories you can be someone
That doesn't exist
But the listener loves it and cannot resist
But to hear more of them
I have had enough
Loving virtually is tough
You keep feeling it's really happening
When it's you self reckoning 
About a child that followed into the dark
As there was a star that took her fingers
And lighted up the way with millions of  Sparkling delight that lingered all across the sky
Just distracting you from not asking why