Doesn't mean yes
It in no way, corresponds to be light
Or a satirical delight
Doesn't mean I don't know
It doesn't mean I ain't following
Nor I am falling apart
Is a statement
It fills the gaps if  delivered with the right emotions
It means back off
Stop it right now
You say you don't follow it, I say how ?
Doesn't mean it's not the right time
It means this doesn't repeat ever
Don't think you are the only one clever
Is a pack of wolves staring back at you
If you don't abide
Hell yeah
They won't waste time to decide
Doesn't mean it's okay
It means the game is over
Wrap up and go home
Take a shower
And we meet tomorrow
To not talk about it
Or walk beside each other about it
As that was a No
That got declared 
When I had no doubts about it


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