Take me to the broken mountain..
where the split welcomes the sun shine.
Take me through the dainty path..
where I can twirl into a sacred line.

Take me to the faded tree..
where sprung open can be a lively spree.
Take me through the deserted forest..
where a flickering night lamp will be out shining the rest.

Take me towards a crowd unknown..
Take me towards a strangely odd stone.
Take me as I give up to walk..
Take me as I dive deep to stalk.
Take me to the aligned bushes..
Take me to the stream lined ashes.

Take me to a blooming arc..
Where scattered all over is a luminous park.
Take me to a sinking cave..
Where darkness urges the instinct rave.

The echo in silence..
The calmness in resilience..
The tempo in the steps..
The touch of the fingers.
Thoughts gliding safe and sound..
While I take a stroll..
Thinking you are around.
Always holding me to the ground.


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