No One Is Coming

I sat right there..
And no one was coming.
It had rained all night..
But no one was coming.
Tears washed the stare..
As none of it seemed fair.
Left a drifted layer..
Of the unheard footsteps share.
My eyes were closing up..
As no one was coming.
Dreams were acting up..
As no one was coming.
Reflections unaware..
Words with abrupt flair.
Struck a chord of tantrum..
So far being left out got accustom.
I spoke to myself..
Finding out no one was coming.
There’s still you who is here..
With rest of the world overwhelming.
So don’t go back where you came from..
As no one ever meant to come.
Start again taking the left turn..
Start again with the lessons learn.
While they decided to disappear suddenly..
You move ahead without stopping abruptly.


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