The Gift

What do you want ?
It’s your birthday..

Want to be a child..
All day outdoors as I stay..
Sweating profusely ignoring which I play.
Want to go wild..
Nakedly running around..
Flying away the lost kite that I found..
Lying dirty in the runway.

Want to play blind fold..
With a friend as I scold..
Pushing back loosening my hold.
Tricking me into the cave too old..
But when I open to see they are walking beside all the way.

Want to chase a butterfly..
Through the morning sky.
Touching as it flickers with a blink..
Sparing not even a slightest moment to think.

Want to jump into the river..
Splashing water all over..
Icy cold as lips shiver.
Opening to a lost world..
Diving into happiness profound.
While listening to the soothing sound..
Pulling myself to the ground..
Staring at the shore..
I will wait don’t you worry..
When you feel like come around.


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