Rainy Day

Walking back..
On a rainy day..
My coat drenched..
In running water.
Unknowingly splashed laughter..
Are my shoes on the puddle.
A puppy tried to cuddle..
Held my umbrella avoided the muddle.
Gladly acknowledging..
As I smudged right next to her.
My eyes ran into..
Colorful petals left off by the peddler..
Made me think will they ever wish to be a flower again..
Cause with glory comes bitterness and pain.
A knocked out homeless..
Is glad that showers are harmless.
But food will be sparse..
As forbidden becomes wasted morsel.
There’s a girl who sits down pale..
Waiting is difficult..
But endless defeat meets the cult.
Piping hot coffee..
As dancing the smokes fly..
A cookie breaks into two..
And I share it with you.
Nodding in agreement is kindness..
Whimpering sits the penniless..
How I wish to break through !


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