If I Tell You

If I Tell you..
I love you.
Will you walk away?
If I Tell you..
Please don’t go..
Will you Stay?
If I Tell You..
I cannot do..
Will you help me out?
If I Tell You..
I am tired..
Will you keep me warm?
If I Tell You..
Will You?
If I Tell you..
The way opens up a swamp..
Will you light the rusted lamp?
If I Tell you..
What’s lost cannot be find..
Will you still be kind.
If I Tell You…
And I stumble..
Will you hold on to..
While the rocks rumble.
When I Tell You..
All this…
I sigh deep..
Closing my eyes..
To the forehead you kiss.
Opening up to see..
That odds disagree..
While drops reassembled..
Refusing to be free.


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