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The Story Of An Untold Paradise Kandarpur: Summers - Go Fish !

    The temperatures were rising, maybe a 100 to a 120 fahrenheit, the expression across the state of Odisha was that, "It's Hot !", while somewhere around 11.8 miles from Cuttack, things were looking otherwise for this one house out of 150 other houses. The reason wasn't good food, or great air conditioner, nor great entertainment gadgets, the reason was the experience of a lifetime.    For my Ajja ( Mom's father), what made him chirpier than usual were his kids and grand kids around his ranch during summer, the ranch, that he had built as a dream, thinking that some day in future, all his kids will stay there and would have enough room for additional innovations, if necessary. ( The things parents do for love..)   My Ajja was always an early riser since the days of his engineering education tenure, to when he joined the Indian Railways and served as a lead engineer for around 40-50 years of his entire career. (Respect to that level of dedication) To be honest, y

The Girl Who Refuses To Cry

She takes a step up..
Each time she trips.
Falling down doesn’t..
Bother her.
Making a fearless grunt..
Uneven and blunt.
Turns her face..
While she gets distracted by her untied lace.
Bending down doesn’t stop her.
Getting breathless..
As she chokes.
A sprinkle of pain down her shin provokes..
Turning back doesn’t evoke her.
Finally in the crowd..
She pulls her standing proud.
I did it shouting loud..
As she chuckles droplets of tears.
Spotting her mother smiling at while she cheers.
Suddenly getting darker..
Clouds felicitate the embark.
Her feet
giving away the spark.
As she wants no further..
Her shoes are no weeper..
Dozing off like a light sleeper.
Waking up to the instant dawn..
Like a truimphant swan.
Abused yet outrageous was her try..
Cause this girl refuses to just sit and cry.
*Dedicated to all the young girls who have been abused for years and have fought against the odds or still fighting their battles alone.A salute to your bravery.


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