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Are you okay? Yes I am.. But I wasn't , As I responded to that, Because what else to say, When you aren't, Are you feeling good? Yes I am.. When I wasn't, But how will it help, If I responded for real, Do you need water? Yes I want.. But just shut down, The surrounding chatter, With infinite laughter, I couldn't bear, The noise, Inside me growing larger, Than my voice that was, Shaking my exterior poise, My daughter, Came closer.. As she held my, trembling hand, As she whispered, Mom, it will get better.. My partner, Looked at me, And wanted me to know.. It's okay, Not to be okay, Getting drunk, And throwing up.. Is all part of growing up, Till the part, Where you start loving, Just water again.. My mom and dad, Comforted me,  That although sad as it looks, Things aren't that bad.. As explained by the books, Relationships and people, Are the ones that make you stable, While everything else, Can topple,   Well, there will be loads of trouble, But more than that t

Midnight Door

Someone is out there …
Did someone caught me staring.
Something is moving..
I could feel my trace sweating.
Everytime I looked at the door..
While sometime it looked back at me.
Peeping through the hole..
Are grouching voices.
Hunting as they seek..
Prey isn’t left out crying.
He appeared right beside..
Shaking as he lied.
The floor was fuming hot..
Wish I could borrow a simple cot.
The torn blanket..
I shared.
Grabbing it…
As the corners got spared.
Took out a bread..
Handed that over instead.
Does anyone come after?
Gobbling up the bread ..
Got out a burp.
Taking out a rusted knife..
Slipped it over.
If the door open run this closer.
But now he hasn’t spoken..
He is stiffer than usual.
Sat there weeping..
Light beaming through the midnight door.

* To the life that dwells on the streets and to the hearts that don’t give up that things will get better.


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