I drew ..
A puppet that could fly.
I drew..
A trumpet that would lie.
I drew..
A horse that will not run.
I drew..
It’s course just or fun.
I drew..
Myself with white long hair.
I drew..
A robber that will not dare.
I drew..
A pauper who refuses to beg.
I drew..
A butterfly without a leg.
I drew..
A sword that feared blood.
I drew..
An angry face..
That would never change it’s pace.
I drew hope..
That will never win.
I drew desire..
That will fight outliers.
I drew a friend..
Sitting beside me watching sunset.
I drew hands..
That never leaves me after dark.
I drew night..
Beaming with stars.
I drew faces..
Smiling at me from far.
But I never drew the frown..
Even when I failed to draw each one their crown.


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