Sitting back as I layed down my head..
Cried profusely.
As a habit had bred.
Talking with..
Walking towards.
Laughing with..
Lying afterwards.
Frequent captures.
Innocent wait..
With shyness inflate.
Hilarious trait..
While tracing footsteps.
Magnifying dew drops..
As the face ripples.
Anxious encounter..
While lanterns..
Lit up the chapters ahead.
Dialects unheard..
Words refusing indulge.
With an only urge.
A habit too deep..
A habit to keep ..
A habit to forget me..
A habit to infer before you see..
A habit to dream…
While time seems to fly.
The habit has to go..
That habit has to know..
Because habits get addictive.
While you end up being repetitive.
Wiping away the tears as I stood up..
Peeping at the sky that bled.
Across the wide horizon.


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