Why Didn't You ?

Why didn’t you say it ?..
I said..I said it once.
Well, somehow you were unclear.
I did.. but if have to repeat I wouldn’t.
You could have just lied and played all along..
I wouldn’t.. not just for the riverside song..
I wouldn’t.. not just for the drapes to fly long..
I wouldn’t..not just for the stars to shape up the night that’s not shown.
I wouldn’t..because I would be finally leaving you torn.
Ahh..that’s what makes mere words strong.
Cause even if you don’t mean..
You say it as if they belong.
You are right , but I am not even there…
But looks like you haven’t ended the stare..
For I haven’t moved an inch afterwards..
But you always end up walking backwards..
So just run past your wierds..
Don’t look back..
As the mesh will never unwind inwards.


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