What Happened?
I fell down and hurt my knee.
Are you okay?
I think there’s a wound but no one can see.
What are you thinking?
Well you are the one talking.
Why do you say that?
Cause you are on my mind but why can’t I find.
Just let me go..
Not yet, though now is the time you may know.
There’s nothing you can change..
No one’s life undergoes an interchange.
This is you..
And this is you too.
There can be no better clue.
Someone will be gone too soon.
While someone will still be covering for you.
Are you getting quieter?
Why can’t I hear you any longer?
What happened?
Nothing that will cease..
Nothing that will pretend to please..
Nothing yet an honest appease.
While you keep walking down the same road..
Figuring out what the trees told..
Were slightly different than the last time.


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