What do I owe the stars..                           
Shining brightly tonight,
Until tomorrow as they go out of sight.
What do I owe the moon..
That kissed me too soon,
Not knowing the fact,
that I wouldn’t be around until noon.
What do I owe the way..
That didn’t ever delay,
It’s course of dismay.
What do I owe the lie..
That gave out a sigh,
But it couldn’t resist why.
What do I owe the dark..
That made me loose,
Every path I tried to choose.
What I do owe..
From whatever I know,
Is that it’s all going to go..
Leaving the days to be sore,
And the nights shut behind the door,
Tripping on the floor..
Looking out for me,
As I cease to be around anymore.


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