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Women should think about a mother a sister a daughter a wife a doctor a lawyer an engineer a carpenter a home maker a care giver a house keeper a gardener a chef a spiritual spirit a believer a lover a friend a scientist a professor a teacher a student a farmer a traveler a salesperson a banker a sex worker a pilot a victim a criminal  all persona's who they identify with, not just for the ones, who belong to their family, but all the ones who they see, read about and meet regularly, don't just live in a vicious circle, made by the women that you know, understand the women that you don't, try not to pin point their mistakes, try understanding their point of view, don't just poke fun by insulting their hue, try standing along with them in a similar queue, try putting them ahead of you, don't just ride in the darkness of pride, try lighting the backdrop of an innocent side. *pic courtesy: Canva Happy Women's Day ❤️

Self Esteem

There were streets full of people,
Rushing towards me.
As I gaped into the crowd,
But not a single one looking at me.

There were streaks of laughter,
Piling on me.
As I tried shutting my ears,
While I sat there wiping my tears.

There was a push and a grunt,
Letting me go.
As I forced myself,
Avoiding the violent stunt.

There was a wave of darkness,
Floating right in front.
As I encountered astonished,
Never attempted hiding embarrass.

There was truth which tasted like filth,
A sheath covered but showed naked.
As I stood misunderstood,
Unable to climb up or intrude.

There was faith which mislead,
A courage to be dealt.
As I stared at the crescent,
Holding on to the impatient.

There was a final drop,
Which gleamed.
As I retraced my steps,
Taking the whiff of the remaining self esteem.

Thoughts by -
Pratiksha Misra.


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