Self Esteem

There were streets full of people,
Rushing towards me.
As I gaped into the crowd,
But not a single one looking at me.

There were streaks of laughter,
Piling on me.
As I tried shutting my ears,
While I sat there wiping my tears.

There was a push and a grunt,
Letting me go.
As I forced myself,
Avoiding the violent stunt.

There was a wave of darkness,
Floating right in front.
As I encountered astonished,
Never attempted hiding embarrass.

There was truth which tasted like filth,
A sheath covered but showed naked.
As I stood misunderstood,
Unable to climb up or intrude.

There was faith which mislead,
A courage to be dealt.
As I stared at the crescent,
Holding on to the impatient.

There was a final drop,
Which gleamed.
As I retraced my steps,
Taking the whiff of the remaining self esteem.

Thoughts by -
Pratiksha Misra.


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