Who Am I

Is this you or Is this just Me..
That I am unable to see.
Closer to free..
So long on a tedious spree.
Tied to the mode..
Of self abode.
Is this who I am or Is this who I have become..
Hilarious to boredom.
Crying silly trying to be free Willy..
Pathetic emphasis..
In search of the lost Oasis.
Joining hands made of sand..
Quicker unwind.
Absolutely unkind..

Is this what I want to be ..
An incomplete caricature.
Of an unknown stature..
Revealing plausible myth.
Covered in a colossal sheath..
Deeper the dive.
The steeper the climb..
Breathing alive yet again.
Worried for future.

Thoughts By -

     Pratiksha Misra


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