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Are you okay? Yes I am.. But I wasn't , As I responded to that, Because what else to say, When you aren't, Are you feeling good? Yes I am.. When I wasn't, But how will it help, If I responded for real, Do you need water? Yes I want.. But just shut down, The surrounding chatter, With infinite laughter, I couldn't bear, The noise, Inside me growing larger, Than my voice that was, Shaking my exterior poise, My daughter, Came closer.. As she held my, trembling hand, As she whispered, Mom, it will get better.. My partner, Looked at me, And wanted me to know.. It's okay, Not to be okay, Getting drunk, And throwing up.. Is all part of growing up, Till the part, Where you start loving, Just water again.. My mom and dad, Comforted me,  That although sad as it looks, Things aren't that bad.. As explained by the books, Relationships and people, Are the ones that make you stable, While everything else, Can topple,   Well, there will be loads of trouble, But more than that t


Step Aside
You have not been picked.
You have not been picked
To play the heroic role in the drama.
Not been selected
To make the audience clap at your poetic charisma.
Not picked in the group.

To march next to the troop.
Your girl says never.
When all you thought was her this summer.
No not picked for the friend’s birthday.
Yet asked for a ride at the same friend’s wedding day.

Can you please
Not take the cheese.
Who are you trying to appease.
When what I get from everyone is tease.
Grinning at me all the time.
Don’t worry you are sublime.
Stand Out
And you don’t get to shout.
Accepting failure with such disaster.
You can’t cry with laughter.
Cause you need to hide.
As people love when you slide.
Bad choices make you num.
Still better than not being picked up by your mum.

Make your Way
Don’t wait until today.
Hold the push.
Climb the windy mountain.
Run in the dark with a flickering lantern.
Let people scream.
You scream louder.
Get your feathers greasy.
Flap your wings and fly lazy.
You were picked.
When the coin just flipped.


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